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Live Prepared – Emergency Products

Living prepared can be simple. National Geographic brings you a comprehensive line of high-quality preparedness products for the unexpected. At home or while traveling, these portable and easy-to-use provisions provide the essential food and gear you need to help you plan, prepare, and keep your family safe in any emergency. Live Prepared – Surviving made simple.

First Aid

Injuries are common during any emergency, and medical help is usually hard to find. Prepare by having at least a basic first aid kit on hand, including all your vital prescription medications. Learn a few simple first aid skills.


Food is essential for life. But it is more than just a need. It is a great morale booster. Prepare by stocking up on canned foods, dry mixes, and other staples that do not require refrigeration or special preparation. Learn to use these food items to make nutritious, satisfying meals.


Emergencies are unpredictable. One never knows what will be needed. Prepare by having the tools necessary to cook, build, adapt, or repair in times of emergency. Learn how to use them before you need them.


Having appropriate shelter is critical in times of emergency, whether in your home or elsewhere. If forced from your home, have an evacuation plan and clothing, blankets, and equipment on hand that will help you stay out of the elements.


Safe drinking water is vital. During and after flooding, or any other emergency, water can become contaminated or cut off entirely. Prepare by having at least one gallon of safe drinking water available per person, per day. For cleaning contaminated tape water, add a water filter to your reserves.


Energy includes both electricity and heat. Electricity is often the first thing to fail. Having some backup power source, self-powered flashlights and extra batteries is essential. Heat is life saving and vital for cooking. Fire starters, matches, and tinder will make sure you have heat when it is most essential.

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